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Dance Class

Adult Barre Ballet Class

Adult Barre Ballet Ages 18 and up - Register at the beginning of any month -

This class is designed for the adult who always wanted to learn Ballet but did not have the chance. Or who has been out of ballet and wants to get back into it starting from the foundations ups with barre.

This is a lower intensity class that has been approved by our Covid-19 Government Health order under the "Barre (Lower Intensity Class" low Intensity category. We are approved to have 10 students plus 1 instructor.

Instructor: Jessica McKeown

Session 1 starts: Please register anytime you like

Session 1 ends: June 25th 2021

Time: 5:30 to 6:30pm 

 Cost: $60 per 4 x week plus GST

What to wear: You can choose between wearing a leotard, tights, wrap skirt, shorts, stretchy pants, fitted top. The instructor must be able to see your body shape and alignment for proper corrections

Foot wear: Canvas soft ballet slippers, colour and style of your choice. If need be, your welcome to wear socks until you have slippers. 

This will be a slow movement ballet class designed for beginners who have always wanted to try ballet, or for the adult who wants to continue in training the exercise of barre and slow Adagio movements in your center square.

Please register today to reserve your spot on the dance floor! 

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