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Covid-19 Prevention Protocols 

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Please read below for all updates

Solstice Studio provides a controlled environment. What does this mean? It means, unlike many other public spaces/ business, we know exactly who is coming into our studio environment each day, and each week.


We have incredible support from our parents who have educated their children impressively well on how to social distance, hand sanitize on entrance/ between classes and on exit, also to wash their hands often for the proper length of time. 


Parents have also been great at staying outside the studio doors when dropping off and picking up children to avoid over flow of bodies within our lobby areas. Which we really appreciate this. 

Our class are now being kept at a smaller than ever number of students and we are also fortunate to have two large class rooms in our studio to be able to run classes that fit protocols. 

We are happy to welcome you, and provide for you a creative, clean, safe  space for your children to grow as athletes and artists. Please read below to know our Covid-19 protocols at this time.

Due to COVID-19, we are open and operating under strict procedures created in accordance with BC CDC, WorkSafe BC, Island Health, and Government/Health Authorities for fitness centers, small businesses, K-12 learning, and sports/recreation/camps. We will continue to monitor the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation closely and will follow the restrictions and guidelines put in place by our municipal, provincial, and federal governments carefully. We also have a plan to return to blended/online instruction should restrictions be put in place again.

Please note that all dates and events are subject to alteration or change due to COVID-19.

Update: August 9th 2022

- Masks are not required

- We are still keeping our class sizes smaller in order for students and staff to have space. 

- All students and staff are to stay home if showing any cold or flu symptoms.

- Parents are not to congergate in the studio waiting areas. We are keeping our student as traffic free as possible. Parents are allowed to help their tiny dancers in with their coasts and shoes, then we ask you please wait outside. 

- All students and staff are to hand sanitize when entering the studio with their own or the sanitizer we have provided.

- We are sticking to our cleaning methods within our studio to keep the spread of colds and flus low as possible. 

UPDATE: August 30th 2021

Covid shots are not required for recreational sports ages tots to grade 12. 

Solstice Studio will continue our sanitation procedure's, distancing, hand sanitizing and to continue to provide a clean safe space for all students who attend our classes as we did all last season. 

- Masks will be kept on in all waiting and high traffic areas. 

- No hugging or high fiving, instead we cheer and toe tap.

- 6 foot squares are marked on our floors, same as last season.

- Parents are to drop off students at front door where their teacher will greet students and drop students back off to.            Please drop your children off on time and pick them up on time. 

- We are keeping our class sizes smaller than ever to be able to provided more than the recommended distancing.

- ALL students and staff are to stay at home if feeling any sick symptoms ie, fever, upset stomach, cough, body aches and chills.  

We had a great season through Covid 2020-2021 and will continue to provide a space for all our students to develop friendships, skills, a healthy mindset and where everyone is welcome to flourish together. 

Thank you for your on going support. We appreciate all our Solstice students and families. 

UPDATE: December 8th 2020

Please read below to see the policies of Solstice Studio workSafe Covid-19 Protocols

Masks are required in facility by everyone over the age of 11.  Masks are to be warn in all common areas. Masks can be taken off when in class. Read below to see all covid-19 protocols.

UPDATE: November 20th 2020

As of November 20th to December 8th, everyone ages 8 and up are now required to wear a mask in all areas of the studio. ie; waiting areas and in class rooms. 

UPDATE: September 23rd 2020

As of October 1st, Masks will be required by everyone when entering Solstice Studio. Students and instructors may take their masks off once in their class rooms.  Students can leave the class rooms to use the washrooms without a  mask. Everyone is to wear a mask in the two waiting areas during class cross over times. 

Covid-19. If we are required by our government to make our classes even smaller or to stay home at anytime in our 2020-2021 season, Tuition will not be required to change, tuition will stay the same. We will offer online classes and will continue to teach our students from a distance.

  • We have plans set in place if needed to have smaller classes rotating students in class and on online with zoom each week, or the option of staying home and learning from zoom. Classes will not stop, we will continue to educate our students and stay connected with one another. Thank you for your support!


Hand sanitizer is provided at front desk for everyone and everyone is asked each time they enter to sanitize their hands or to use one of our three washrooms to wash their hands. Sanitizer is also provided in every washroom and change room, and our class rooms. Students are welcome to bring their own nice smelling product.

When students finish Their classes they are asked to use their hand sanitizer again or in-between their classes.


Solstice studio displays proper signage inside studio in our waiting area’s, class rooms and washrooms as recommended by health authorities, as well as proper visuals to ensure physical distancing.

Floor’s are marked as a visual for students to keep a proper 6ft apart distance.

​We have limited our class sizes more than ever for proper physical distancing and safety, and we are fortunate enough to have large class rooms to easily keep a safe distance with our students.

Solstice staff will closely monitor dancers’ physical distancing and no-contact during classes, and there will be no contact between dancer-dancer. We have adjusted all of our classes to be just as fun, exciting, safe, and educational without contact/spotting/lifts. ( NO PARTNER WORK)

NO HUGGING or high fives at this time. We are toe tapping and air hugging instead!


The studio lobby front doors will be wide open until the weather permits.

​We kindly ask that you drop your dancer off at the studio 5 mins early if possible and return for a prompt pick up. Less bodies waiting around the better. But we do understand some older dancers walk straight from school to dance , but dancers are to keep their physical distance while waiting.

The lobby and parent waiting area is closed to parents and families at this time. Please drop/pick up students at front doors where they will be met by one of our Instructors.

For dancers age 6 and under, one parent/guardian may enter the studio to safely bring them into the building. Once the dancer is safely inside the building and feels comfortable, they are fully supervised by Solstice staff and we ask that their parent/guardian please exit the studio.

We miss having parents watching from the lobby and we can't wait for the day that this restriction is lifted! Thank you for your understanding, we truly appreciate all of you.

We are sanitizing between classes

cleaner/sanitizer on the barres, and other commonly touched surfaces before and after each class, and sanitizing floors at the end of each day with an alcohol spray.

Studio equipment such as acro mats, yoga mats, yoga blocks, weights, thera-bands, etc. will likely not be used in classes, but if a piece of equipment needs to be used, it will be fully sanitized after each use.

​High traffic surfaces such as door handles, front desk, arms of chairs, and washrooms will be sanitized through out the day.

​We will do our best to avoid the frequent touching of surfaces/objects by dancers. Some examples include only the instructor opening doors, turning on lights, touching door handles, etc. We will prop the doors open before/after classes to reduce number of hands touching door handles.


​If you (instructor or dancer)/your child/any member of your household is ill or has any symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you please stay home and do not enter the studio.

SOLSTICE STUDIO reserves the right to send any instructor or dancer home who appears to be ill or displaying symptoms of COVID-19. Although there will be absolutely no compensation for instructors or dancers who do not attend a class due to illness/COVID-19, we maintain our policy that there will be no refunds or financial compensation given from the studio to any dance family whose child is unable to attend a class unless they withdraw from the class before the session begins.


​Instructors and dancers will be asked to wash their hands upon arrival at the studio and at the end of each class. Additionally, hand sanitizer will also be provided for staff and students.

​As per BC CDC guidelines, masks and gloves are not recommended for this type of activity. However if an instructor or dancer chooses to wear a mask and/ or gloves, they may do so and will be treated respectfully.

​As always, instructors and dancers must arrive at the studio well-groomed and clean, in clean dance wear, with hair neatly up off of the face.

​Instructors and dancers will be asked to limit the amount of personal belongings they bring into the studio.

​Dancers and instructors will be asked to arrive already in dance wear with hair done to limit the amount of clothing and personal belongings brought into the studio ( IF POSSIBLE)

​Please limit personal belongings brought into the studio to the following:

One water bottle, cell phone if applicable, dance shoes, and one bag if needed. Additionally, instructors may bring any necessary teaching equipment i.e. laptop, music or demonstration-related electronics, chargers, etc.

It is recommended to fill your water bottle up at home, but you will of course be allowed to keep refiling your water bottle during your in studio time. Dancers and instructors will not have access to cups and mugs to lend out.


While snacks are permitted in the studio, dancers and instructors will be asked to wash their hands before and after they eat. Absolutely no sharing of water or snacks at this time.

Special note:

We returned to in-studio classes May 19th 2020. We we nervous and unsure, but after our first day, then our first week we were struck with complete joy to see how well parents had educated their children on how to social distance and how to self hand sanitize. From ages 5 to teen, no rules were being broke in any way or form. Dancers all noticed our signage posted everywhere, or marked floors and stayed within the regulations with no problems what so ever. We were very proud of them all. Classes finished at the end of July for the studio. We danced every week and continued to follow the rules and everyone had a great fun time dancing together. We thank you everyone for your on going positive support and for being apart of Solstice Studio. We are extremely excited to see you again this fall!

This will not last.

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