Tuition Fee's & Polices 

Welcome to Solstice Studio of Performing Arts

Season Starts Sep 2020 to June 25th 2021

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Class Tuition Fees PER MONTH

30 Minute class $45 Plus GST = $2.25 per month

45 Minute class $50 Plus GST = $2.50 per month 

60-minute class $60 Plus GST = $3.00 per month 

Taking more than 1 class per week? Read below about discounts. 

Class tuition is based on a hourly rate of classes taken per week which makes up your monthly tuition fee.

When students take multiple classes per week,  you will be discounted a percent per class which will show when you have completed your registration

Dancers payments are capped at 6 hours of classes per week for monthly costs. Once a dancer/actor has 6 hours per week, dancers have the option to pay an additional $15 for UNLIMITED classes per week added to their monthly season schedule. If your child wants to train 9 / 10 or more hours per week, they can, for the price of 6 classes plus an added monthly $15. 


 This includes ALL CLASSES on our Solstice schedule. ie; Acro, Hip hop, Ballet, Hoop, Baton, Drama/ Acting, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap/ Flexibility Training. NOTE: This does not include any workshops, choreography classes or PBT class. 

Tuition pricing (discounts shows when registering online once you go to your check out page) Hourly pricing not including GST 5%

1.5 hours per week  $105 plus 5% (GST $5.25) per month

2 hours per week    -Before discount $120 MINUS  2% discounted $117.60    plus 5% (GST $5.85) per month

2.5 hours per week -Before discount $165 MINUS  4% discounted $144         plus 5% (GST $7.20) per month

3 hours per week    -Before discount $180 MINUS  6% discounted $169         plus 5% (GST $8.45) per month 

3.5 hours per week -Before  discount $225 MINUS 8% discounted $179.40    plus 5% (GST $8.97) per month 

4 hours per week    -Before  discount $240 MINUS 10% discounted $216       plus 5% (GST $10.80) per month

4.5 hours per week -Before  discount $285 MINUS 12% discounted $237.60  plus 5% (GST $11.88) per month 

5 hours per week    -Before  discount $300 MINUS 14% discounted $258       plus 5% (GST $12.90) per month 

5.5 hours per week -Before  discount $345 MINUS 16% discounted $277.20  plus 5% (GST $13.86) per month 

6 hours per week    -Before  discount $360 MINUS 18% discounted $295.20  plus 5% (GST $14.76) per month

·         Add unlimited classes after 6 hours per week for $15 per month added onto your monthly tuition.



MONTHLY TUITION FEE PAYMENT METHODS: All fee's are due on the 1st of each month

Competition dancers, NO fees are to be given to your choreographers. ALL costume fees for competitive and non-competitive dancers can be paid to Solstice studio via, 

  •  Cash, in a clearly marked envelope with dancers FULL name, plus for which classes the costume payments are for, and date of drop off. This envelope is to ONLY be dropped off in the lobby bright orange locked drop box

  • If any cash envelopes are left on front desk and go missing, we will not be held liable for this loss,  and dancer will still be marked as owing costume fees. ONLY drop off cash or cheque payments into the studio locked drop box located in our front lobby. Thank you


  •  Cheques; written out to " Solstice Studio ". Please place cheque in a clearly marked envelope, same as cash mentioned above.


  •  E-transfer; when sending e-transfer to pay costume fee's, please write in memo, students full name, and for which classes the fees are for. 


  • Post-Dated Cheques ( MOST RECOMMENDED )

  • Cash / etransfer 

  • We happily accept KidSport, Jumpstart, etc. funding as well as funding from any homeschooling organizations!

  • ALL payments are due on the 1st of each month.


MONTHLY - 10 payments Sept-June (1st of each month)
HALF-YEAR - 2 payments (September 1st or February 1st)
FULL YEAR - 1 payment (Due September 1st) or when registering 

REGISTRATION FEE: $25 per student or per family , Once per season. Our season is from September to the end of June.


HOLIDAYS: We take Christmas break off, and Spring break off set to the same time as school district 72. The holidays and spring break do not give a discount to your monthly tuition fees. Solstice provides extra time to our students for practice and rehearsal leading up to our show times that is free and makes up for classes missed during the holidays. Due to Covid restrictions we will be doing our year end show differently this season. 

SNOW DAY'S, STUDIO IS CLOSED: We rarely have a snow day. And only declarer a snow day, which means the studio is closed. We follow school district 72 when declaring a snow day.

Classes are not made up for due to a rare snow day. 


  • Students with accounts in 60 days of arrears, according to payment plan, will be charged a $50.00 late fee, and may not be allowed to participate in classes.

  • Every 30 days, the late fee increases by $50.00

  • NSF/returned cheque charge - $50.00


  • Studio office hours are Monday and Thursdays 9:00am-1:00pm is when you can expect a reply to your emails. Solstice studio director and staff do not return emails on weekends or stat holidays.  Messages/emails may be left after studio office hours, and we will happily return your call or email as soon as possible! Thank you for understanding.

  • Due to COVID-19, our physical office is open by appointment only. Please  email the studio to set up an appointment. Otherwise, we can be reached by email.

  • Any changes to registration, withdrawal, communication regarding attendance etc. must be done via email and with a 30 days notice before the 1st of the next month or next tuition payment will be required. 

  • We kindly as that dancers and dance families please do not call, text, or message the Director or Instructors' personal cell phones or social medias regarding studio matters. NO students or parents are permitted to contact any Solstice Studio instructors through their personal social media at anytime. Please respect our Instructors personal space outside of their work place.

  • Please do not pull our instructors away from class during class time to have a meeting about your child. This takes away from all other students class time. To set up a meeting regarding your child, please email By doing so you may request a phone call or in-person meeting with the studio director. We are happy to do this. 

  • Payment separated between parents/ families:  When tuition is being paid for from two separate families. It is not up to the studio to keep track of which family is paying tuition which months. The tuition method payments must be organized and set up at the beginning of the season by the parents, paid on the 1st of each month with no exceptions. We like to make this easy and clear as possible for everyone involved. Thank you very much.


  • As our faculty is hired each year based September registration numbers, tuition fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • Registration fees, costume deposits and fees, and competition/convention fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions. 

  • Withdrawals : One full months notice is required. You are not discounted monthly fees for being sick or going on vacations or any other reason why you have chosen to not show up for class.

  • Fees will NOT be prorated for late registration. No exceptions. 

  • Withdrawals or changes to registration must be communicated via email. No other forms of communication (message, phone, or in-person) will be accepted as an official withdrawal or change.

  • A dancer not attending classes will not be taken as a withdrawal - parent/guardian must provide written communication via email. 

  • For withdrawals after March 1st, you will be charged full tuition for the remainder of the dance season. No refunds or credits will be given if tuition was previously paid in full.

  • The only exception to this policy is an official Doctor's note addressed to the studio, or 2 months written notice if moving to a new city with proof of new address.

Each class will require a costume, and some classes may require 2 costumes PER DANCER. Costume fees range from $75.00-$120.00. (+GST) for group routines and may range higher for solo/ duo/ trio routines.

  • Costume Deposits - $60.00 per class, per costume,  per student (NON-REFUNDABLE, DUE OCT 1st)

  • NOTE: Actors sometimes are asked to find their own costuming or borrow studio costuming. deposits may not be required. 

  • Balance of year-end costume fees - DUE FEBRUARY  1st. Balance owing varies per class, parents will be notified.


  • Competition costumes due in full October 1, 2020.

Costumes will not be ordered until fees are paid in full..

RETURNING AFTER CHRISTMAS: Students do NOT re-register:  Students who return after December start preparing for our play in May then our year end show in June. We write our scripts and everyone has an very valued part to play in each show with script and choreography. When a student suddenly drops out at this point, it causes a large ripple effect of having to make many changes that effects everyone adding hours of work to make the changes needed. Drop outs at this point cause a damaging loss in our productions.

It is very important that once we all return in January that we are all committed and focused on working together to create the great shows that we do together! This is where students learn a greater understanding of hard work and commitment. They ALL feel the rewarding fruits of their labor at the end of the season feeling very proud of what they accomplished not only as one of their own but also what they did together! 

  • Covid-19. If we are required by our government to make our classes even smaller or to stay home at anytime in our 2020-2021 season, Tuition will not be required to change, tuition will stay the same. We will offer online classes and will continue to teach our students from a distance.

  • We have plans set in place if needed to have smaller classes rotating students in class and on online with zoom each week, or the option of staying home and learning from zoom. Classes will not stop, we will continue to educate our students and stay connected with one another. Thank you for your support!

Private lessons - $60/hour paid to Solstice Studio. Must email Solstice Studio to set up your private lessons.

  • Private lessons must be booked in advance and paid for prior to the lesson.

Competitive Solo Fee -  TBA

  • Solo fees must be paid upfront before choreography begins. 

  • The solo fee includes 4 hours of choreography and cleaning which may be broken up into 2 x two hour sessions.

  • If the choreographer or dancer fees additional time is needed, the student is responsible to pay private lesson fees for additional hours.


    • Enrollment in a class taken in that particular style (i.e. lyrical solo - dancer must be enrolled in a lyrical class

    •  Only JR and INTER dancers may be eligible to have a solo. The JR or INTER dancer may request a solo and the request will be assessed by studio directors and will be approved if we feel the dancer is ready and able to handle the amount of commitment required.

    • Solo / duo / trio comp routines are ONLY eligible to JR or INTER Comp dancers. 

 Competitive Duo/Trio Fee -TBA

  • Duo/trio fees must be paid upfront before choreography begins. 

  • The duo/trio fee includes 5 hours of choreography and cleaning which will be broke up into 2 x two hour sessions, plus a one hour session.

  • If additional time is needed, the students are responsible to pay private lesson fees for additional hours, and the private lesson fee can be divided by the dancers.

  • Duo/trios : Only JR and INTER Comp dancers may be eligible to have a duo/trio. The JR or INTER dancer may request a partner, but it is the program director and choreographer that will chose which dancers we believe will make the right fit to work together on their duo / trio routine. We take these decisions seriously and want the best for each dancer involved. 

 Choreographers in studio and as guests  choreographers costs - TBA

  • Choreographers may be our in studio instructors or we may bring in guests choreographers to create our solos, duos, trios and group routines. Fees may vary based on the choreographer's rates.

    •  JR Comp dancers are required to have 2 x group competition routines  (Jazz / Lyrical ) and to pay the required fees for choreography / costuming / comp entry fees, unless fund-raised plus travel fees.

    • Inter Comp dancers are required to have 3 x group competition routines (Jazz / Lyrical / Modern Contemporary)  and pay the required fees for choreography / costuming / comp entry fees, unless fund-raised plus travel fees. 

  • ALL Competitive dancers are required to take a weekly Comp group practice class. This class is added into their monthly fee's.

  • Solo / duo / trio are also required to take a weekly practice class, time and day of week TBA.(cost of weekly class will be added into dancers tuition fee's.)

  • Competitive Dancer asked to leave:  If a comp dancer is lacking in commitment, or is causing tension and stress to their class mates and to our studio environment, Our program directors hold the right to take away any solos / duos / trios / group routines and opportunities to compete in any set competitions. Our studio director holds the right to withdrawal a comp dancer from the comp team and from taking any classes at Solstice Studio if the dancer is causing tension, stress and harm to anyone in the studio environment making it a negative experience for others without having to refund any competition entry fees, costume fees, or choreography fees. Competing is a earned and respected privilege, a dancers behaving poorly can loose their rights to for a period of time that we feel is required.