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Studio Etiquette & Expectations

Our Values

We’re a community of performers / teachers / students that are dedicated to enhancing the physical and mental creative abilities of each student we are so grateful to teach and be apart of their growing experiences.


We ask that you join us in nurturing a positive experience every time you enter Solstice Studio. For some, Solstice becomes a home away from home, and we want everyone to know they are cared for, respected and they each belong here.

Rules, Regulations, and Etiquette

 The following rules must be adhered to within the studio walls.

• Be respectful, to each other and your selves. 

• Be in Dress Code before your class starts. You will not be leaving class to get ready.

• No gum, food, or beverages in class or past the first lobby / waiting area. 

• No cell phones within the class room environment endless recording for choreography purposes and your instructor gives you permission. 

• Use the storage cubbies in the main change room for personal items. Do not leave items on floor in lobby's or hallways, this causes a tripping hazard. Do not bring any valuable belongs to the studio. If any items go missing, the studio is not held responsible. Leave it all at home, we are here to dance, act and to learn not look at social media or video games.

No chatting during class while your instructor is speaking. It is good manners to not interrupt your instructor. Please allow them to teach everyone with out constant interruptions. Raise your hand and ask the teacher your questions. Please use your manners. We truly appreciate this. Chatting at a low volume to friends in the waiting areas before classes is the time for it. ​

  • Do not arrive to class late. Be prepared. If you must enter late, then come in quietly, find your spot, and do your best not to interrupt the class in anyway. If you missed something, try your best to catch up on your own. 

  • When finishing your class. Please thank your teacher each and every time. Always show your respect and gratefulness. 

• Safety first! No hitting, kicking or pushing ever. Your parent will be called to take you home immediately. We have not had this happen yet, and we hope we never do. Lets keep the kindness going! 

• Bring an open mind and understand we are all unique and have our own talents and strengths and that everyone shines in their own way. Please do not judge others. Focus on your own learning and progressing. Everyone is in this space to learn in a positive supportive way. Encourage each other by saying good things to each other and cheering each other on!

  • No teasing, or saying bad things about other people

  •  No cutting yourself down or speaking negative about your self down

  • In the Waiting areas, negative talk and gossip will not be tolerated. Your parent / guardian will be contacted. 

• Be respectful to our items and furniture, no standing on furniture in waiting areas. If you spill something, please wipe it up. No leaving your wrappers on our floors or under benches. No leaving our bathrooms a mess. Thank you. 

• No running or yelling at any times. This interrupts classes in session. 

• Keep waiting areas and restrooms clean. Put your wrappers in garbage and take your containers home.

• Solstice Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please mark your name on all your items ie shoes, jackets, bags. This way its easy to know whose is whose.

• Items left behind will be put in the Lost and Found. If they are not claimed, they will be donated

• No loitering in dressing rooms EVER. You are to use dressing rooms to wash up and to change your clothing only. 


  •  NO slurpies in studio allowed. We have our reasons. Thank you. 

Warning and Expulsion System

A student may be given up to three warnings for failure of adhering to Rules, Regulations, and Etiquette before the student is asked to leave for the remainder of the the class or Semester (all warnings will be documented). The parent will be informed of all warnings each time one is documented via email. This is when a parent is welcome to set up a phone call or an in person meeting to discuss the situation. We want to help with making things better, not worse. We want to work through all situations that may arise. A student maybe expelled for ie; stealing, violence verbally or physically, or for bullying. If so, the refund polices do apply and are non-negotiable. 

Lost and Found

All items left in the facility are placed in Lost and Found (located in the main Dressing Room). Items in the Lost and Found are donated to Thrift shop on the last day of every month. Solstice Studio assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. Leave your valuables at home.

After school at Solstice Studio

Help keep our studio clean and fun! SS is a place for:


  •  Learning

  • Skill building

  •  Creativity,

  • friendship building

  • Fun!

Make a plan with your child regarding after school at Solstice Studio:

  • How to behave appropriately

  • How to spend their time, bring home work or a book to read before class or when you have time in-between classes.

  •  How to contact you. If your child suddenly needs to contact you, be sure they know how. 

  •  who will be picking them up. Sometimes children get very confused with they didn't know someone else was picking them up that day. Then this becomes alarming to us. Please keep them informed of any changes in plans.

  • Parents will be asked to pick up children who are behaving in an unsafe, disruptive or disrespectful manner. In this case: You must arrange for your child to be able to pick up within 15 minutes of contact from SS staff.

    • Unsafe, disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated from a student or parent at anytime.

Solstice Studio does NOT provide:

  • Supervision after school - before or after scheduled dance classes. If your child walks to class after school, but their class does not start until 5:00pm, it is not our responsibility to keep an eye on them.

  • Child/student can be left at Solstice without a parent or guardian 15 minutes before class starts. Or can be left for their breaks in-between their classes.

  • Solstice Studio expects each student to:

    • Arrive on time for class and be in dress code

    •  Tidy up after themselves in the dressing room and restroom

    • Be an example of good behavior to their peers and to treat themselves, each other and their teachers with respect and care. This especially applies to our competitive and intermediate students. Please lead by a good example. our younger dancers / Actors look up to you all. 

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