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Leaping Dancer

Competitive Dancer's Information

Do you want to shine on stage?

Do you want to challenge your self ?

Are you wanting to work with other like-minded Dancer's who share the same passion and commitment to their craft like you?  YES!?

Join us at Solstice Studio and become a unique member of competitive dance team.

You can choose to compete in ONE or ALL of these styles, PLUS ONE Musical Theater Routine where we combine all our dancers together.

ACRO /Jazz / LYRICAL or CONTEMPORARY depending on tryouts.

Tryouts to become a Competitive Dancer will be held on

AUGUST 28TH at Solstice Studio. 

Tryouts fee. $10 per person. Cash day of 

Ages 10 - up

Time: Arrive at 9:15am to spend 15 mins to self warm up.

Tryouts start at 10:00 am. and Finish at 12:00 pm

Sing up! Email

You've never been on a dance team or competed? That is not a problem! We all start somewhere and at different ages. Its all about following your passion and love for dance. Its about learning new ways to tell poetic and dramatic stories with your physical movements and expressions. Its about having faith in your self, building confidence, and finding a bond with dancers that become your dance family throughout the journey. And mostly, its about having fun with your teammates and making memories you'll take with you forever. 

 Never think your not good enough, because you are. 

Dress appropriately & what to bring

  • Hair pulled back in a bun, French brain or low pony

  • Make up to a minimum or none.

  • No jewelry. (nose rings and studded or small ring earrings are allowed)

  • Must wear bodysuit/ leotard with tights. Warm-ups are allowed but will be taken off for ballet barre section. (Any colours)

  • Bring pants and long sleeved tops for any floor work. (Contemporary)

  • Bring ballet slippers, Jazz shoes and socks. (If you have no shoes right now, please bring socks)

  • Bring a container to drink plenty of water

  • Bring your exactment and be ready to go!

What to expect

  • Skill testing, ie; leap, turn combos.

  •  Balance, strength, technique blended into a 32 count combo. 

  • Taught choreography and expected to show it back. 

  • Improv work

  • We will be working fluid through the disciplines of Jazz, Ballet Barre and Contemporary. 

  • Group talk about what to expect in your new dance season

  • You will then finish your tryouts. Once you are finished, you can breath again, know you did your best and wait for you placement email. 


What will our email tell you?

Our email will tell you your placements in dance routines for this season where you will find out who you are matched with. How we decided this is by age and seeing whos movement's flow and match well with each other. This will all decided if a group routine will be Lyrical or Contemporary. 

This email will also tell you when choreography for the routines your in will start. If you are interested in performing a solo or duet, please let us know the day of tryouts. 

Solstice Studio Competitive Team Dancer Required Classes (necessary) classes for the 2022/2023 season. 

  • Solo Dancers: Must partake in ONE Jazz or Lyrical/contemporary routine and must partake in the large group musical theater piece. All comp dancers will be apart of the MT routine. This will be a very fun creative piece. Solo dancers also must sign up for the dance style class that their solo routine is. Example, if dancer is performing a Ballet solo, they must also take a weekly ballet class. 

  • Comp dancers are to choose at least one style of group routine they want to compete in. Ie, dancer can choose ACRO, Jazz, Lyrical or Contemporary.  The style either Lyrical or contemporary will be decided at tryouts. We wont be offering groups to do both these styles, it will be one or the other all depending on the flow and movements we see with each dancer at tryouts. 

  • Comp dancers are allowed and encouraged to compete in all styles and to challenge themselves with a solo our duet!

  • Classes required by all comp dancers to attend weekly

    • Group comp choreo class. This class is where all dancers practice their competitive choreography and is the only class per week they have to do so.​

    • Leaps/ Turns Techniques class. This is a 45min high energy paced class for our comp dancers to focus on a verity of leaps and turns pulling from all styles of dance. 

    • Comp Condition class. 45 mins of movements focusing on balance, plyometrics, strengthening, flexibility, agility, core, and alignment

    • Ballet. Each comp dancer is required to take at least one ballet class per week. Dancers are strongly encouraged to take both classes. Ballet foundations is taught by Miss Mya. Inter Ballet is taught by Miss Sydney. 

    • En Pointe. Dancers that are taking Pointe class are required to take the two Ballet classes per week plus their Pointe class.

    • Jazz/ Lyrical / Contemporary Dance.  Dancers are required to take Jazz if their in a Jazz routine. And are to take Lyrical or Contemporary if their in one of these routine styles. 

    • Solo/ Duo Comp Class. If a dancer is performing a solo or duet, their required to attend this class weekly to practice their routines. 

    • Dancers are encouraged to take ALL dance styles. 

Tuition fees per month

5 hours per week: $293.32 plus 5% GST per month. 

5.5 hours per week. $315.32 plus 5%GST per month.

At 5.5 hours per week our fees are capped. Dancers can take unlimited amount of class hours per week and will not pay any more than $315.32 per month. 

Tuition does not include comp entry fees or costume costs. 

Fundraising to help with costs starts this summer after tryouts. 

Dancers will also be given the opportunity to find sponsorships from local business to help cover the costs. We fundraise all season. 


See you at tryouts! 

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