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Leaping Dancer

Competitive Dancer's Information

Do you love to shine on stage?

Do you want to challenge your self stepping outside recreational dance?

Are you wanting to work with other like-minded Dancer's who share the same passion and commitment to their craft like you?  YES!?

Join us at Solstice Studio and become a unique member of competitive dance team.

Train and compete in dance styles, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acro plus more

Tryouts are held July 14th 

Time: 10:45 arrival to warm up. 11:00 start. 1:00pm finish

Tryout cost: $20 per dancer

Ages: 10 to 18

What to wear: Any color leotard, tights, shorts or wrap skirts optional. Hair up in bun or braid. Proper footwear for Jazz/Ballet and contemporary . Socks are allowed. 

The majority of our students dance at the recreational level, but for the students who desire something more, we offer our dancers a competitive dance team that allows for more performance opportunities, a greater verity of training and being a part of a supportive team experience with like minded passionate people who all love dance and the performing arts

Dancers are required a minimum of classes to be taken per week. Some exceptions can be made. 

One Ballet class per week. 

One Jazz class per week. 

One Lyrical OR Contemporary class per week. Taking both is recommended .

One Leaps-Jumps- Turns Tech class per week. 

One conditioning class per week

One Group choreography class per week

One solo / duo class per week if dancer is in a solo or duo. 

Acro is only required if dancer is competing in a Acro routine. 

Our competitive dancers pay a capped fee that allows them to take as many classes at Solstice Studio as they wish. 

This means they can also take Hip Hip, Theater, Hoop Dance, Tap, Acro for no added cost to their tuition fees. 

Fee's and more comp team details will be sent out to dance families after auditions

Our new dance season schedule for 2023-2024 will be published at the end of this August. 

You do not need to reserve a spot for our auditions. Just show up! Everyone is welcome who has some dance experience and feels their ready to level up their dance season. Arrive early to get warmed up before auditions begin. Bring water, you will be working up a thirst. Have dance friends? Audition together. We take dance seriously, but we also take fun seriously which means we love laughing together and making the classroom dance experience as fun as possible. So be prepared to laugh lots. 

Competitions we enjoy attending. We attend two to three per season. 

Synergy, Core, Nifpa. 

We have had fun at these competitions plus Peak and Quantum. 

We plan to attend a few different ones this season that will be new to our comp season. 

For inquires please email

Have a great time at our tryouts! We're excited to see you!


Director; Jenny Koropecki and the amazing Solstice Studio Team 

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