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Dedicated to Our Dancers Wellness

How to Stay Warm as a Dancer in the Studio .

Winter is Coming!

There is no denying the chilly, winter weather! It is imperative that we teach our students how to stay warm as a dancer in the studio by dressing smartly and warmly during the cold, extreme weather conditions which also effect the temperature of our in-studio environment. Dress accordingly.

How to Wear Dance Clothes When It Is Freezing Outside

Dance class in freezing weather presents its challenges.

One of those challenges is wearing proper dance attire while keeping your body warm enough to avoid injury. Take the time to warm up. When coming in from the cold, your muscles are contracted to assist in keeping your body warm, and they need to be loosened slowly before beginning to dance.

In cold weather, layering your apparel is essential for dancers.

Things You’ll Need
Leotard, Tights, Pants, Leg warmers,
Sweater, Socks, Dance shoes, Foot warmer booties over ballet slippers, layers of clothing is KEY.

Getting Dressed …

Step 1
Start with the basic dance outfit, which is leotard and tights.

Step 2
Put a long-sleeve dance sweater or Sweatshirt on over your leotard to keep your upper body warm. If you do not have a dance sweater, any form-fitting top or sweater that allows you to use your full range of motion will do.

Step 3
To keep your bottom half warm, put on a pair of leg warmers or dance pants. Pull your leg warmers all the way up so that they cover most of your leg.

Step 4
Footwear will depend on the type of dance class you are taking. If it is a class that does not require shoes for the warm up, wear socks for the beginning of the class and take them off to avoid sliding when the dancing begins.

Tips & Warnings

Do not allow your body to overheat. Once you are moving and start to warm up, shed your outer layer. You may find that by the end of the class you are down to your leotard and tights and still sweating; however, bundle up again before going back outside in the cold.

MMMMM…… Warm from the inside out

You can warm up from the inside out by drinking warm beverages before or during class such a herbal teas. Also, before class sending your dancer with a container of warm soup or simply having a high protein hot light meal before classes.

Doing this can also significantly help to heat up your whole body (including your muscles) – because they can give you that feeling of being warm from the inside-out

A great place to purchase dance warm-ups to wear over your leotards and tights , such as booties, garbage bag pants/ shorts or different coverings to layer with. Is our local dance shop! 

Check out Silhouette Dance Shop

123 5th st, Courtenay. Right by the Sid Williams Theater. 

Click on this link to their website

How a dancer stays warm in the winter: Welcome
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