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Ballet Dancer


Strength, balance and gracefulness

BALLET DANCE is a strong foundation to have for all forms of dance and is highly recommended for every dancer to practice.


Ballet technique emphasize toning, conditioning, muscle strength, balance, alignment, control, focus, grace, musicality, expression, posture is a major foundation in the art of dance. 

Tuesday's 5:30 to 6:30.

Miss Mya 

Ballet Foundations, ages 11-19 is a beginner/ intermediate ballet class focusing on foundations and technique. 

Wednesday's 6:15- 7:15.

Miss Sydney

 Ballet Intermediate, ages 12 -19 is an intermediate grades 3/4 class for the experienced dancer. 

Wednesday's 7:30 - 8:00.

Miss Sydney

Ballet en Pointe. Ages 11 to Adult. By invite only. Please inquire to join this class. 

Dancer's of the intermediate level can take both classes. If your unsure which class is for you, please email us at

Register below for times. Please see dress code


For younger ages, please look at our Kinder, pre & primary ballet page


Ballet: Classes
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